Welcome to the Monsterology section of Super Walrus Land!

Monsterology is a project I worked on with Fenrir from September 2008 to July 2009. It chronicles the adventures of Horace Alfonse Montgomery as he explores strange new worlds and new civilizations.

Horace is a pig man, because that's funnier than just making him a generic English gentleman, and it allows for more bad food jokes.

His appearance changes quite a bit throughout the series for one reason or another, and we made some fairly odd changes in both writing and art style towards the end of its run.

Monsterology originally ran in HamsterSpeak fairly regularly. All text is written by me, and all illustrations excluding the pixel-art Horaces and the title are drawn by Fenrir. The worlds Horace explores are based on various games made by other people using the OHRRPGCEngine, though we took some pretty extreme liberties with them.

Use the side-bar to select your issue. The series, as it is now, is complete. Will we ever see Horace again? Only time will tell, but it's pretty much guaranteed that he'll make cameos in some of my future games. Enjoy!

-Paul Harrington, 7/3/2009

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